Floss Dog Kennels Attends the 2013 NAPBTA Nationals

Great weekend!!! 

We have a new Grand Champion!!!!


On Fridays show under Judge Sue Phillips, Flosi's Rippin Red Terror aka Trip earned his last Champion of Champion wins to accomplish his Grand Champion Title.

At the National Show on Saturday, Flosi's Bianca Blast took 2nd place in the Female Puppy Class under Honorable Judge David Kittredge.  Judge Kittredge gave her daddy his very first win and major in March 2010.

 Sundays show produced more winners!!!

Flosi's Perfect Order of Mayhem gets his first win and major under Honorable Judge Jean Herring-Murray.



Flosi's Bianca Blast receives her first win in Female Puppy Class under the same judge.

Needless to say, we had a blast with lots of competition and great dog friends!!!

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